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Our training is for everyone (older than 14)

Our focus is on guiding beginners step by step. Exercises in breathing and contact prepare, basic steps and movements help, basic techniques show principles. Beginners are taught carefully and systematically how to fall softly.

Our Aikido teachers attend regularly national and international seminars with Japanese (e.g. Maruyama Sensei, Endo Sensei) and European Teachers (e.g. Franck Noel, Jan Nevelius, Will Stoelmann). So we can guarantee our students a wide and rich practice of Aikido.

The classes welcome beginners. If you just want to see what Aikido is, just drop in during our regular classes to watch or participate. In addition we organize several times a year special classes for beginners. They last three weeks.

For the practice please bring along: comfortable clothing (sports wear, sweat-shirt with long sleeves) or a Karate-/Judo-Gi.  

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