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Stefan Leiendecker

(6. Dan Yuishinkai, Tokyo)


Marion Peter

(5. Dan Aikikai, Tokyo)

„I am mind itself “ Motto von Aikido Yuishinkai
Aikido continues to fascinate me since more than 30 years. I am taking part in different national and international seminars to experience a wide range of Aikido. Since many years, I am more and more attracted by the aspects of softness, Ki and harmony. I am pleased that besides attending many seminars of my teacher Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei (Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai). I also had the opportunity to gain new experiences and to broaden my horizons by participating Maruyama Sensei trainings in Japan every year. Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei inspiration and his way to teach Aikido has fully convinced and influenced my Aikido. I am a member of Aikidoyuishinkai and Chief Instructor of Germany. I am very honored that Maruyama Sensei give the dojo a name with a meaning.  勇心館  
Yuushinkan 勇心 means courageous mind means Dojo



When I started Aikido in 1983 I was immediately fascinated by the aesthetic and fluent movements, by the simplicity and complexity, by the efficiency of this Martial Art.
But what is so special in Aikido? Is it that those fluent movements seem so effortless? Is it the holistic approach?
Meditative calmness, vigilance, work-out. Is it the combination of clarity and strictness of a Martial Art with the improvisation of the moment?

All of this, sure, but what makes Aikido special is that aggression and violence can be experienced as a conflict that can be solved.


Aikido without Boundaries
"Every river has a name. However, these names disappear when they flow into the great ocean. Aikido has many styles, many names, but Aikido is Aikido. It is my vision and hope that, like the rivers, they flow together and unite as one."(Koretoshi Maruyama)